May 2018...

thanks for visiting my website. i hope you're enjoying these days of spring...

i'm so pleased my new album, 'Bookmark', is receiving great reviews and being played on European and US radio! and i love playing the new songs live! if you'd like to order your copy of 'Bookmark', please visit 'MUSIC' here on my homepage - or write me a message, i'll gladly post you a copy. ❤

i've had a musical BLAST this spring -- concerts with my band, and opening sets for Mojo Monkeys from los angeles... i feel blessed.

i just finished four concerts in a row with four wonderful musicians in the first 'Songwriters in the Round' concert series - huge thanks to Paul Rostetter of Brambus Records, and the great singer-songwriters, Suzie Candell, Pink Pedrazzi, Brent Moyer, and Tobey Lucas for playing!

this weekend - May 26, Samstag - i play in duo with Tom Marmier on e-guitar! my first time in beAchtbar in Lichtensteig, SG, CH. looking forward - come have a first-time night with us. :)

please check 'TOUR' for details for all concerts... and please sign my Guestbook here on my website. Merci! 

Love and Music... beth ☀❦