summer 2017 - new album in a month or so


summer 2017...

studio time...  this was Taras Prodaniuk, Billy Watts, Little Konzett, me, and David Raven listening down to my song 'Louisiana' which we'd tracked together in little big beat studios, Liechtenstein, in march 2017. :)

my new album is aaallllmost finished... it's been an exhilarating and highly creative process!

some fun details about the new album -- this past spring, Billy Watts, David Raven, and Taras Prodaniuk of Mojo Monkeys, my favorite band:), were in Switzerland touring in support of their new album, 'Swerve On'. while here, the three men played six songs in studio with me, spoiling me with their magic grooves and delightful moods. it was great fun and, i believe, very good work.

Billy Watts, unique-wonderful guitarist and fantastic singer, is co-producing the album with me. he's played some additional sublime guitar parts, will even play some bass (today!) and continues to give me invaluable creative input and energy for this record every step of the way, from afar in Los Angeles... to Switzerland. 

the album also features great Swiss 'dialect' singer-songwriter/author Daniel 'Dänu' Wisler on mandolin and dobro. my dear friend Suzie Candell, country singer from Germany, graces some songs with harmony vocals; and the soulful Rodrigo Aravena plays bass on 'Mexico' and 'Mahogany Hawk'. Rodrigo is Chilean-born, Australian-raised, and is now a swiss resident like myself. this record has been recorded and will be mixed by our talented friend Little Konzett at his Little Big Beat Studios, both in Eschen, Liechtenstein, and in his hometown of Weiler, Austria. Little is an incredibly creative recording engineer, mixing and mastering engineer, drummer, and innovative person on the music scene in these countries that border Lake Constance. 

we have a beautiful and talented international family of musicians working on this record! i'm so pleased and touched. :)

the new record's got 10 songs -- two songs i wrote while still living in California, but i'd never recorded nor played them live. seven songs are written brandy-newly, and one is a cover -- a David Bowie song that i have loved since i was a kid.  

i'm inspired and i continue to write new songs now, even as this album (my first in six years!) is nearly finished... so perhaps an EP is in order already for next year. :) 


so many of you contributed to the making of the upcoming album and pre-ordered the record! thank you!!

With pre-orders and contributions from friends and fans in the United States, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Germany, Austria, and Liechtenstein, so far i have raised $6,500 (of about $9,000 needed) in funds for this new record! thank you! 

i still welcome your support...

some of you have dropped me a line recently asking if and how you can still contribute -- well, YES, thank you! i'm happy to give you a breakdown of my expenses, and funds still needed. just send me a message through the site here, and i'll answer with how you too can contribute and be a part of this new collection of songs making it out into the universe! :)

i'm grateful and delighted with any contribution--it all helps reach my goal of making my new collection of songs into a CD to share with everyone!

and you know, your emotional support is VERY much appreciated as well. ❤

Peace and Music and Healthy Wishes,



feeling creative!


it's a grey yet warmish autumn afternoon here in Sennwald, Switzerland. i have so many creative ideas, it's crazy! and i hope you are someone who is also inspired -- to invent, to communicate, to create, to find joy and share joy!

my creative ideas involve (finally) making my own video -- ok, a 'lyric video' but still, it's a step into the realm of video making, for me. :) i shall do this with my original Christmas song "Peace at Christmas", after i ask for your help.

i'm also in the process of writing new songs, and i plan to record them in Spring 2017 with my long time friend and musical partner, Billy Watts. he will be here, in Switzerland, touring at that time with his band--one of my all time favorites, Mojo Monkeys. David Raven, my dear friend, is the lead singer/drummer in Mojo Monkeys, who is also a great record producer and produced my first two albums - 'Live Within Live Without' and 'Miracle Girl'.

so it's time for this miracle girl to move forward, create new things, embrace changes, roll with moments and be focused and open minded! and it's a perfect time to do this as most of the autumn leaves have fallen, making more space in the forest (of my mind) for sweet light, breezes, and new shoots of life growing forth. :)

hope you'll enjoy this photo i took from my kitchen window last week...

thanks for reading! with my Love,



loving where i live!


it's been a long time since i've updated my blog, so i'll start easy... with just a little day to day news from my neighborhood. as a reminder, i live near Sennwald, in the St. Galler Rheintal in Switzerland. 

we have a saying in english that goes something like, "we partied (or danced, or played) until the cows came home." i never knew where this saying came from. now i get it. it's swiss! today, "the cows came home". these lucky milk-cows were brought down from the high mountains, where they'd pastured in cooler climates all summer, to graze once again in their green home valley as fall is certainly coming. right through our little town, these beautiful and hard-working farmers, dressed in their traditional best, marched their prized and decorated cows for this special home-coming occasion. it's a colorful, clangy and heartwarming sight to see - and hear! ❤


introducing new song, Mahogany Hawk...


It's been awhile since i have journaled, and i can only say it's because i have spent the majority of my time on the business side of my music career - namely booking, promoting and performing live shows. it seems to take all my time. happily, i get to express the art - the creative side of my profession - during my live performances. but i have let the time for writing my new ideas, new songs, slip on by.

but - here is Mahogany Hawk, my first new single in FOUR YEARS. 

want to honor nature with me? i am pleased to share in a song my feeling that nature and creatures - in particular this beautiful hawk - are clean, simpler, and more pure and natural than being human.

have a listen to Mahogany Hawk here on my website.

if you like what you hear, then to download/buy this song, please click here on Mahogany Hawk. Below are the lyrics.

i look forward to hearing from you! if you'd like to leave a comment, please do so, or sign my Guestbook/Gästebuch

thank you, Peace,



MAHOGANY HAWK - Words and Music by Beth Wimmer c2015

Beth Wimmer - acoustic guitar and vocals / David Raven - doumbek

recorded and mixed by David Raven at Honky Abbey studio in Los Angeles, California


Mahogany Hawk in the treetop staring me down

your eyes reflect light from the skyline   wings downy brown

i see you circling high over my town

you keep your calm in the sky, scanning the ground


ooh you're so good at what you do

humanity's so complicated  i wish i were you


Mahogany Hawk in the vineyard looking so fine

i see your life as a clean one, nothing like mine

you've only a few simple needs and the patience of saints

actions based purely on spirit, not greed or hate


ooh your moment is now, each second is new

society's hurried and wasteful  i wish i were you


oooooh    oooooh   oooooh


Mahogany Hawk at the highway as i'm passin' by

my heart is glad to imagine you're here at my side

consumed by calls coffee contracts and video cams

at times i lose faith in the nature of who i am


ooh but you've known your place from the moment you flew

humanity's so complicated   i wish i were you


most beautiful creature sharp eyes of star gold if i could hold you i'd kiss your wings

my animal teacher, my avian saint, and prayer of patience and natural things

most beautiful creature sharp eyes of star gold if i could hold you i'd kiss your wings

my animal teacher, my avian saint, my prayer of patience and natural things


ooh you're so good at what you do

humanity's so complicated  i wish i were you



Steamy Gigs in June


hi friends! 

summer is almost here and it's a beautiful time in east Switzerland. we've had some very hot days and i've had some steamy concerts where i've sweated my skin off! but i love that sauna-effect while i strum and sing. ;) 

the end of May and beginning of June were overflowing with fun and sometimes crazy shows in Switzerland, Germany, Italy and Austria!

one notable night i drove on one-lane dirt roads marked 'no autos' next to the Neckar River in Stuttgart to get to my gig. then the only guests there, to my amazement, were my small but sweet and loyal group of fans (which IS growing) from the region. the restaurant itself had not one music-loving diner nor guest to offer me. as the audience moved inside on that warm evening to hear my plugged in concert, i unplugged and moved us all back out onto the terrace and played 'house concert style', up close and unplugged. it was lovely. thank you, my German friends and fans. 

last weekend i played at a wonderful little venue in Götzis, Vorarlberg, Austria - Schrödingers Katze Cafe. i was so happy to see a friend ride up on his motorcycle to watch my show. i had not seen him in almost a year and we greeted each other gladly. but to my dismay and his painful disappointment, after my third song, in his excited applause, his stool shifted off the platform it was on and he fell over backward -- and broke his arm!! he will be fine after some time, but what a disaster! :-(

June 19 i'll play with Harry Schöch in Murg, Switzerland at the edge of stunning Walensee (Lake Walen). and the end of this month (26-28 June) Luka Zotti from Como, Italy and i team up for 3 shows in Austria and Switzerland. 

July 1st i am thrilled to sing with Suzie Candell at a private party, and we'll be warming up and getting excited for her CD-Taufe (CD-release Gig/Party) on July 18 in Reflex Bar, in Buchs, SG, Switzerland.

July 9, 10, and 11 i sing harmony vocals with Harry Marte & Big (& Li'l) Pit in Switzerland, Liechtenstein, then Austria. excited! 

lots of solo shows as well, including a 4th of July American Celebration in Thun, Switzerland. it is a private party, but do let me know if you'd like to come, perhaps as my guest. :)  Click on 'Tour Dates' for details. 

thanks for visiting! while you're here, please sign my Guestbook ("Say Hello!"). 

ciao! liebe grüsse, Love, beth

this was in Birkenried, Gundelfingen an der Donau, Germany, when i was able to visit Danny Santos & Los Bluegrass Vatos at their wonderful afternoon concert -- the last day of their Switzerland/Germany tour. GREAT band!